Jordan's Run the Runway

THIS YEAR ONLY – SATURDAY September 19th, 2020

TWO options for 2020 – Our Virtual run (complete your 5km run by Wednesday September 16th) or our LIVE 5km run at the runway, with start times through out the day on Saturday September 19th to accommodate physical distancing. 

To accommodate physical distancing and running with your bubble, our race is moving to a Saturday event – start times will be assigned based on your needs. If you have a “bubble” of people, family, friends or co workers that you are socializing with we can sign you up for the same start time. 

Should September conditions change, and we are not able to host our in person race you will have four options:

  1. Participate in our virtual 5km event
  2. Donate your registration fee for a tax receipt
  3. Postpone your registration to 2021
  4. Request a refund of your registration fee

Watch below to see our race day plans:


Cleaning & Sanitization

Public Areas
Additional cleaning and sanitization of Participant touch-points throughout the area, including check-in areas, toilets,  shirt collection, and at aid stations.

Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the event including around high traffic areas, such as in and around portable toilets. These will be refreshed by staff throughout the day.

Water Stations
You will need to bring your own water, water bottle, or hydration belt for on the course. Sealed water bottles will be available at the end of the race. Additional refreshments will not be provided.

Staff & Volunteer Procedures
Increased safety and hygiene procedures for staff and volunteers including regular hand sanitization, facemasks or neck buffs.

Face Mask

Personal Protective Equipment

Face Coverings
For the foreseeable future, all event staff and volunteers will wear face coverings at all times. Attendees will be expected to follow local guidelines and requirements regarding the use of face coverings and will be informed of those guidelines prior to their race via email.

Plastic Shields
Transparent plastic shields may be installed at key interaction points, such as participant check-in, to create separation between both participants and staff.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Start & Departure Times
To manage the volume of participants onsite, each participant will be given a specific arrival and departure time for entry and exit from the event to ensure total participant numbers at any one time are kept under strict control. If you are running with a group of 10 or less you will all be given the same times.

Capacity Monitoring
Participant throughput will be monitored to ensure the number of people within the event space is kept to acceptable levels at all times.

Heat Sizes
Heat sizes will be small. The wide runway course allows for lots of safe spacing while running/walking/rolling or poling.

Lanes & Markers
Dedicated lanes, along with designated waiting spots, will be provided at areas where participants tend to congregate, including at check-in and finish area. Where lines are formed, distancing markers will be used to ensure safe distancing.



Check in questionnaire
Passive screening will be used at check in 

Including questions about your travel and current health. We will also email you a screening prior to the race of things to consider, if you are displaying any symptoms of Co-Vid 19 or are not felling well on race day we ask you to stay home and take advantage of our no risk registration policy! 

    Event Changes

    Event Changes

    There will be no on-site registration permitted. Registration and payment must be made online prior to race day.

    There will be no shorter Kiddie Trott this year. You will have the option to register for a Virtual Run (complete on your own and still receive our exclusive buff). You will be given an arrival time to allow for physical distancing, and runners will line up and start in heats that are distanced. You can choose to run with a team or group that you are comfortable with and whom are in your bubble. Buffs will be worn on site, unless you are running. 

    People at Risk

    People at Risk

    COVID-19 Declaration
    Each Participant shall be required to complete a declaration when checking in at the event that they are not currently infected by COVID-19 and have not had, or knowingly been in, contact with someone experiencing any of the following COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days:

    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Sore throat 
    • New loss of taste or smell

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    The information on the page is subject to change at the YMCA’s discretion.