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Preschool & Youth Programs              



Parent and Tot Fitness (Family friendly)
Workout with your kids at the Y! This session will be a family-friendly, fitness based program where both parents and their little ones can be active together. Parent and Tot Fitness will incorporate basic movement, traditional and non-traditional techniques, select equipment, and music all to provide a fun yet physical experience for both generations!
Location: Gym
Members only. Drop in.
NEW Mini Sticks (Ages 3-5 years)
What could be better than mini hockey for mini tikes. In this program preschoolers will get a chance to try out
hockey on a smaller scale. Using our Active Start model, each child will get tons of experience, play time
and practice with the use of various activities and games. This allows for limited wait time and maximum fun!
Location: Gym
Members only. Drop in.
Kinder Conditioning (Ages 3-5 years)
Looking for your kids to burn some steam? This program will get them moving! Our instructors will lead participants through fundamental physical movement such as skipping, jumping, running, crawling, and much more through a fun-filled session. This will not be a traditional fitness class as a number of different techniques will be used to help motivate kids to get active such as games, music, and imagination.
Location: Studio
Members only. Drop in.
Indoor Playground (Ages 4 - 9 yrs)*
Drop in with the whole family and join your kids as they run, jump, climb and balance on a variety of age appropriate equipment. Children under 4 years old are welcome when accompanied by an person 14+ years old
Location: Gym
*Parents must remain in the building to access this service Non-Members welcome with purchase of a Visitor Pass

Play Zone (Ages 3 months - 7 yrs)*
Play Zone is a supervised, drop-in program where your child will be exploring through play, making friends and being creative. We encourage you to pack a healthy, peanut free snack.
Location: Play Zone
* Parents/Guardians must remain in the building to access Play Zone services.

Tumbling Tots (Ages 1 - 4 yrs)*
Tumbling tots is the preschool sized counterpart to indoor playground. This program is supervised and features a bouncy castle, tumbling mats, balls, carts and much more!
* Non-Members welcome with purchase of a Visitor Pass
*Parents must remain in the building to access this service



HEAT - Healthy, Energized, and Active Teens (Ages 12-15 yrs)
Understanding the basics of using wellness equipment, etiquette, basic training principles and nutrition in the wellness centre are key to building lifelong habits for "Healthy, Energized and Active Teens." This program is meant to establish a basic understanding to ensure that H.E.A.T participants can safely and effectively participate in a conditioning program within the wellness centre. Participants earn "wellness access" once they complete the required sessions.
Registration required. Members only

Gymnastics (Ages 3-5yrs, 6-8yrs , 9-12yrs)
YMCA Gymnastics is a recreational, instructor lead program in which children work on balance, coordination and self-confidence. Children will practice a variety of gymnastics skills and movements and be provided the opportunity to develop their physical fitness.
Members only.
Location: Gym
***Seasonal Registration Required. 

Leaders In Training (Ages 13-15 yrs)
This program is geared to prepare young leaders for employment and volunteering opportunities. Participants will be provided with opportunities to develop essential skills such as first aid certification, learn about child development and participate in wellness coaching and leadership training opportunities. Leaders will learn about workplace safety and develop work related skills such as communication and team work.
Registration required.
Members only.
Cost $35.00 January to June session. Maximum 15 participants.

Parents Night Out (Ages 4-12 yrs)
Whether it's a date night or anything else, this program will give you the peace of mind that you need. At PNO your kids will get to swim, run around, play games, watch a movie and be fed in the form on pizza and juice. From 5:30 - 9:30 this is quite the deal.

Registration required.
$15 for members
$20 for non-Members

**program runs on the first and third Friday of each month. April is an exception due to holiday hours. April dates will be April 5th and 26th.

Location Pool/Multipurpose room

Jiu-Jitsu (Ages 6-8yrs, 9-12yrs)
Jiu-Jitsu is a martial arts based program where participants will learn a series of fundamental self-defense techniques in a safe, instructor lead session. This is a very well rounded program that will incorporate discipline, respect, skill and physical fitness into the session.
Members only. Registration required.
Location: Multi-purpose room

NEW Silly Science (6-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs)
From chemistry to physics, this program will allow your child to perform fun experiments and learn about how they work!
Beware this program can get messy!
Registration required
Cost: Members $35, Non-Members $50
Location: Multi Purpose Room
NEW Art Studio (6-8 yrs)
Through the arts, participants experience activities that foster self-expression and build self-esteem,
develop imagination, critical thinking, and valuable social skills. Each child will get to bring home a master peice each
and every night.
Registration required.
Cost: Members $35, Non-Members $50
Location: Education Lounge

Y Jr. Leaders (Ages 8 - 12 yrs)
Designed especially for youth, the program takes the best of today’s youth and helps them become future leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to learn early leadership skills, communication and team building skills as well as participate in home alone safety and wellness opportunities.
Registration required.
Cost: Members $35, Non-Members $50
Location: Multi Purpose Room

NEW FUNdemental Soccer (Ages 3-5yrs, 6-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs)
With the cold weather now officially here, kids can still keep up with their physical activity and soccer development in the indoor setting of the Y gymnasium. These sessions will be both instructional and fun as children go through a series of skills and drills but also have lots of time dedicated to playing the game itself.
Members only. Registration required.
Location: Gym
NEW FUNdemental Basketball (Ages 6-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs)
Fun fact: Basketball was invented at the Y! Let your kids learn the game where it all began with a series of fun drills and games to improve their skills as they dribble, pass, shoot, and defend. This is also a great program for building social skills in a team setting environment.
Members only. Registration required.
Location: Gym

NEW FUNdemental Floor Hockey (Ages 6-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs)
No ice? No problem! Join us in the gym for an instructional session of fundamental hockey skills such as stick handling, passing, and shooting, all followed up by a fun scrimmage.
Members only. Registration required.
Location: Gym

NEW Kids Club (8 - 12 yrs)
Are you in need of somewhere for your 8-12 year old to chill out while their younger sibling is at swim lessons? Or
maybe you're looking to workout but your child isn't old enough to join you? Kids club is a program for when these
things happen. This supervised drop in program gives slightly older children an area to play games, work on
homework, read or just chill out for a while.
Members Only. Drop in.
Location: Education Lounge

NEW Nerf Night (8-12 yrs)
Nerf night is exactly what it sounds like. With dozens of Nerf blasters and a room full of mats and obstacles,
participants will have so much fun that parents will want to join too! Come join us on Tuesday nights for a taste of
what our Nerf tag birthday parties are like. For the full experience, book a Nerf Tag party with the front desk either in
person or over the phone.
Program: Members only. Drop in.
Location: Multi Purpose Room

Wellness Access for Youth (Ages 10 - 13 yrs)
When youth participate in physical activities with family it strengthens potential for healthier lifestyles long term. Youth ages 10-13 may access the Wellness Centre with a parent and/or guardian 16 years of age or older after completing an orientation with a wellness staff member.

Youth orientation is similar to the adult orientation (ensure a safe and balanced program), except a parent and/or guardian MUST be present. Please see a wellness staff member to set up an orientation. After receiving the orientation, youth ages 10-13 must always be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian 16 years of age or older when accessing the Wellness Centre.

Youth that are 14 years old may access the Wellness Centre without a parent or guardian. Please note any youth between the ages of 12-15 years are encouraged to take the H.E.A.T program to learn how to safely use the wellness equipment, find out about the importance of nutrition and exercise, and have a personalized fitness program developed.
Teen Friday Nights (Ages 13-18yrs)
6:00pm – 9:00pm
A safe place where youth can interact with their peers, and explore what the Y has to offer. This program is open to all; with a small fee for non-members. Special monthly teen-focused workshops and fitness opportunities will be included in this year's formatting. Teen night includes access to the wellness floor, gymnasium and pool areas.
*** Please remember to bring ID with you, acceptable forms will include a student ID card. ***
Members: No Charge
Non Members: $5.00


Canadian Safety Council Babysitting Course (Ages 12+)
This course offers basic first aid and care giving skills for youth 12-15 years old. Participants learn how to provide care to younger children in a variety of age groups and how to prevent and respond to emergencies. The course also offers youth the training to promote themselves as a babysitter to prospective parents.
Registration Required - min group size 8, max group size 15
Members: $54.00, includes manual
Non-members: $64.00, includes manual
Fall session:
Saturday, February 16th, 2019 (Option 1) and Saturday, April 13th, 2019 (option 2)
Participants should bring a healthy lunch. Lunch break will be supervised by staff.

** Please note we must have a minimum of 8 participants registered to run this course **

Canadian Safety Council Home Alone Course (Ages 10-12)
Is your child ready to stay at home alone? Empower children ages 10-12 years with confidence and skills to care for themselves when home alone! Participants learn strategies to create a safe and positive environment, how to look after themselves for short periods of time, now to handle real-life situations, injury prevention and basic first aid.

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 (Option 1) and Saturday, March 30rd, 2019 *(Option 2)

Registration Required - min group size 8, max group size 15
Members: $33.00, includes manual
Non-Members: $43.00, includes manual

** Please note we must have a minimum of 8 participants registered to run this course **





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