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Pool Admission Standards

Sign In / Sign Out Procedures
Any child under the age of 10 must be signed in and out of swimming lessons each week by a parent /guardian over the age of 16.

Swim Test Standard
To successfully pass the facility swim test, individuals 12 years of age and younger must:

• Swim a minimum of 15 metres into deep water stomach down

• Jump into deep water from side of pool

• Surface from jump and tread water for 30 seconds

A successful pass is determined by the lifeguard on duty.

All swimmers 12 years of age and younger must either:

Pass the facility swim test and wear a Y swim wristband


 Swim WITHIN ARM’S REACH at all times of a guardian in shallow water.

*One guardian 13 years of age and older can supervise four swimmers who have not completed the swim test if they are all wearing a Personal Floatation Device, or two swimmers not in PFDs.

**Swimmers 8 years of age and younger displaying the swim wristband must have a guardian remain within the pool area.

At the discretion of the lifeguards on duty any swimmer regardless of age or previous swim test completion may be asked to re-test, swim within arm’s reach of a guardian or wear a PFD.





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