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Age Groups

Infant Room
Ages: 3 months to 18 months
Teacher/Child Ratio: Maximum of 3 children per teacher

YMCA educators focus on helping each child adjust to the transition of being away from their parents for the first time. It is a difficult adjustment for both the children and the parents. Building a strong bond with each child is important to helping them feel comfortable and working with parents to find individualized approaches to bringing elements of the comforts of home into their new environment. Sensory, auditory and musical activities are ways we encourage social, emotional and physical development.

Toddler Room
Ages: 18 months to 30 months
Teacher/Child Ratio: Maximum of 5 children per teacher

YMCA toddler programs encourage children to explore their environment at their own pace with a hands-on approach that stimulates natural learning. The continual enhancement of social, emotional and physical development is a major focus. Priority is placed on teaching this age group how to be more independent. Children are taught to clean up after themselves and put their toys away when they are finished playing. The eating arrangement is progressed from the infant room, where children eat on their own, can sit at a table to eat and communicate what they want. After snacks, lunch, craft time or using the washroom, children are taught to wash their own hands. If children are in the process of toilet training, YMCA educators work with parents to help keep the momentum of training while in YMCA care.

Preschool Room
Ages: 31 months to 5 years
Teacher/Child Ratio: Maximum of 8 children per teacher

For preschool children, YMCA educator’s primary goal is to prepare each child for the transition into kindergarten. The larger room sizes are closer to their future classroom environment and the activities begin to closely mimic school-based programming. By the time your child reaches preschool you will see a significant increase in their independence. Going to the washroom, washing hands, picking up after themselves and even assisting with meal preparation are all things they learn to do on their own. Every child develops at a different pace and our YMCA Child Care educators are trained to individualize their teaching approaches to meet each child’s unique needs. Emphasis is also placed on learning to get along with others.

Extended Day
Ages: 3 years to 5 years 
Teacher/Child Ratio: Maximum of 10 children per teacher

Extended day programming is for children who have recently entered kindergarten and require care before and/or after school. Programming and classroom sizes mimic their classroom environment and activities help to fortify the lessons and concepts learned in school.

School Age
Ages: 6 years to 12 years
Teacher/Child Ratio: Maximum of 15 children per teacher

School age programming is for children in Grades 1 to 6 who need care before and/or after school. Programming is a blend of both curriculum-based activities and healthy indoor and outdoor activities to ensure your child develops mentally while staying healthy and active.  Building self-esteem and experiencing success is important to children in this age group, and YMCA staff help foster this ability.





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