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Award Descriptions   

Are you, or do you know, a local youth who demonstrates excellence in one of the following award categories?  

  • Agriculture and Environment Award
  • Arts and Culture Award
  • baCK to Chatham-Kent Award
  • Business Spirit Award
  • Champion of inclusive Communities Award
  • Creative Writing Award
  • Entrepreneurship Award
  • Health and Wellness Award
  • Health Sciences Award
  • International and Humanitarian Award
  • Mental Health Champion Award
  • Science and Technology Award
  • Volunteerism and Community Service Award
  • YMCA Youth Leadership Award 

Award criteria focus is not on academic achievement but on values, leadership and community contribution.

Agriculture and Environment Award
Sponsored by Thompsons Ltd.
This award recognizes youth who have an interest in the field of agriculture or the environment.  The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate his or her participation in either of these areas at the school or community level.   

Arts and Culture Award
Sponsored by The Co-operators
The award recipient will be recognized for their contribution to one or more areas of expression, development or preservation of visual, literary or performing arts.

baCK to Chatham-Kent Award
Sponsored by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Resident Attraction and Retention
This award demonstrates a commitment to the betterment of the Chatham-Kent community and a desire to gain new skills with the intention of returning to Chatham-Kent to utilize those skills. The successful candidate will have demonstrated an understanding of labour or skillset needs in Chatham-Kent, identified a plan to apply their post-secondary education within the community of Chatham-Kent after graduating, and explained why they want to come baCK to Chatham-Kent.

Business Spirit Award 
Sponsored by The Frank and Mary Uniac Foundation
The successful candidate will be goal oriented and have an interest in pursuing a career in business or commerce. They may have made an improvement in the workplace, developed a unique product or business or initiated a successful fundraising or community event. 

Champion of Inclusive Communities Award
Sponsored by Community Living Wallaceburg
This award has been created to recognize a candidate who has helped promote a more inclusive community, where all people participate proudly. The successful candidate will be a student who has taken steps to include people with intellectual disabilities in school and/or community activities or provided leadership by encouraging others to do the same. The candidate should highlight examples of their volunteer work in their school and/or community.

This award was funded by donations provided to Community Living Wallaceburg at the Community Living Annual Golf Tournament.

CMHA Ride Don't Hide Mental Health Champion Award
Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association
This award will recognize a candidate who has demonstrated an interest in helping others or who has increased awareness of mental health through lived experience. The successful applicant will have demonstrated compassion, a strong work ethic, dedication and advocacy in the areas of psychology or mental health.

Creative Writing Award
Sponsored by Scribendi
The recipient of this award will be a student whose creative writing exemplifies their insatiable urge to write. As such, the essay portion of this application will figure heavily in the selection of the recipient. This award is not limited to students planning to pursue studies related to writing.

Entrepreneurship Award
Sponsored by Scribendi
This award will be granted to a student who wishes to follow a non-traditional career path and who shows great promise as an entrepreneur. The successful candidate will possess a diverse skill set that will allow them to pursue a career full of creativity and business innovation.

Health and Wellness Award
Sponsored by Howard J Rees Foundation
The successful candidate for this award will have demonstrated an interest in promoting wellness and healthy living. Candidates showing a capacity to mentor and engage others in committing to health and recreation will be considered.

Health Sciences Award 
Sponsored by The Frank and Mary Uniac Foundation
For those interested in pursuing a career in the field of healthcare at any level. The successful candidate will have exhibited leadership, community involvement and a passion for the health care field.

International and Humanitarian Award
Sponsored by Sun Life Financial
This award identifies and recognizes candidates who have shown an interest and commitment to the international community or humanitarian service. They will have a demonstrated interest in social activism or political affairs and be a positive role model for others.


Science and Technology Award
Sponsored by North Kent Mutual Insurance
This award recognizes candidates who have a curiosity for the world of science and technology. The candidate will demonstrate a goal of pursuing a career in this area. The recipient will also provide examples of ways they have given back to the community.

Volunteerism and Community Service Award 
Sponsored by North Kent Wind 1
The successful candidate will demonstrate the true potential of volunteers making a difference in their community by sharing their time and talent to a cause they are passionate about.  They should be able to demonstrate how they have volunteered above and beyond the requirements of the Secondary School Diploma.

YMCA Youth Leadership Award
Sponsored by the Chatham-Kent Family YMCA Foundation 
The recipient of this award will be a YMCA employee or volunteer, or a family member of a YMCA employee or volunteer. The recipient must demonstrate YMCA core values: caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and inclusiveness. The recipient must also have a strong commitment to volunteerism, as well as an appreciation for the impact that the YMCA has had on them and on others.  






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