Peace Week

Nominations for 2017 open now.

Each of us has the potential to be a peace builder in our daily life as emphasized by the theme of YMCA Peace Week, “YMCAs inspire peace. Think it. Say it. Do it.” The YMCAs across Southwestern Ontario, together with YMCAs across Canada, are inspiring and empowering kids, youth and adults to make a positive impact especially during our annual YMCA Peace Week in November.  Inspiring others to become actively engaged in peace in their everyday lives is being emphasized as an important part of peace building.

Do you know someone who should be acknowledged for their extraordinary stand for peace?

A special highlight of YMCA Peace Week is the awarding of the YMCA Peace Medallion to an individual or group who, without any special resources, demonstrate a commitment to peace through special contributions made within their community or overseas.  An individual or group that demonstrates in their lives and activities the values of peace.

YMCA Peace Medallion Award – Call for Nominees

The YMCAs across Southwestern Ontario are accepting nominations for the 2017 YMCA Peace Medallion.  We are accepting nominations for three awards: 1) a young leader (age 18 and under), 2) a community advocate, and 3) a business/organization/club that has made a difference.

  • Find peaceful solutions to violence, conflict, discrimination and injustice
  • Make a significant contribution to fostering a culture of peace in their community
  • Volunteer their time and work without any special resources
  • Enhance the lives of people in their community and around the world by creating peaceful environments

For further information, please contact:

Emily Brown
YMCAs across Southwestern Ontario
519-336-5950 x232